Bedford salon needed pls! Damaged Toenail needs repairing..

Hi everyone,
I'm sorry if this is not the correct place to post this but a friend of mine lives in Bedfordshire (nearest town is Letchworth & Hitchin) and she has damaged her toenail. She says the nail bed was also damaged as well so she's unsure whether it will even grow back. She is asking what she can do for it - I said she could possibly have it sculpted as I have seen this on pictures on this site having this done. (I've not come across this before with any of my clients) Are any of you lovely nail techs in Bedford willing to look at this for her? Think she may need a sculpted nail as she's thinking of just sticking one on!!!:Scared: She says its not painful anymore and I can't see the pic properly but if anyone's interested I can send it on.
Any takers???
Thanks in advance :hug:
Toni xxxx


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Hi, Im a Nail tech in a salon in Dunstable, If thats any good for her? Elaine Sullivan Child hair & Beauty, 24 High street south, 01582 665510. Im there thursdays fridays and saturdays,

Thanks for your reply! I've text her & asked if that's nearby as Im not sure of the geography of Bedford!!! Lol! I'll get back to you thanks Hun appreciate it :) xx

I've asked & unfortunately it's too far from where she lives. Thanks for your reply tho, appreciate it :)
Toni x