Best accredited hair extension course

Hi All,

Im looking for a good accredited hair extension course somewhere near or around croydon, i would prefer a smaller class because these course that are over crowded are ridiculous. Thanks

Hair Rebellion

Formally Lush-Us UK
Hi Michelle, we offer accredited courses at Hair Rebellion. We offer them all over the country and our group courses only have a maximum of 4 trainees and we also offer one to one courses. We also carry out the training on a live model so you actually fit a full head of hair extensions during your training so you know all about placement, no go areas and cutting in on top of hair types, consultations, colour matching, sectioning, contraindications etc.

What are your prices I looking at doing I have had a reall good quote for a one to one class just wanted feedback of here on others
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Can you tell me abit more about your company also