Best acrylic nail primer?


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What's the best nail primer to use to maximize acrylic nail adhesion? I'm currently using bond ex by OPI and I just want to know if there's anything better out there.

Hello , try - no lift nails primer - it's from America you can get it on amazon shipped for around £18 - it smells horrid but is the best one Ive tried and has great reviews



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I would of thought you need to use the same primer that your system recommends (their own brand)

What brand are you using?

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Why not use a better acrylic that needs no primer at all? CND Retention+

I haven't used primer on any nails in more than 15 years!! It amazes me that anyone uses a product that needs it.

I have been thinking of trying cnd retention - I'm going to get a starter pack and try I think x
CND retention+ is great! I have a few clients I use this on. However, my favourite system is Young nails, their nail primer is called Protein bond, it's non acid and super strong! Plus it barely has a smell :) no issues here!


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I have been thinking of trying CND Retention+
I'm going to get a starter pack and try I think x
You will be amazed at how little you have to do with CND Retnetion+ and how lovely the product is to finish and file. Nothing else quite like it. Plus any extra products I don't need to buy or use, the better. I like my life as a nail tech to be as easy and uncomplicated as possible and that is what CND aim to do. :)

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CND Retention+ is the bomb! I'm with Geeg, haven't used primer in years and years. It's so comforting to know you are using the system with the best adhesion to the natural nail of any system on the market, and with gentle 240 grit shine removal.
It amazes me that systems requiring 100 grit nail plate etching AND a primer even still exist on the market.

Thanks ladies will definatly give it a go !

Laura 🐶 x