Best brow & lash tinting products


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What’s the best brow & lash tinting products?
Recommendations on the best brow waxing pot/wax?


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We offer small tubs of the soft wax for brows but you can also order a sample pack first if you want to try it? Its very popular for precision brows and also for wax and tint x


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I use Refectocil which I was told is longer lasting. Happy with results


I use refectocil also, admittedly it is the only brand I've tried but I'm really happy with it so I don't see a reason to change :)

My eyebrows are WHITE they're usually non existent if I don't pencil them in! I use refectocil on my own brows and it holds really well - I tint them once a month


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Refectocil is brilliant
Hairwell is also really good