Best brow wax?

Hi all,

I've recently completed a highly defined brow course and finding the best wax choice a bit of a minefield!!
I bought a hive wax pot and have been using the hard wax provided but just can't seem to get on with it!! I find it doesn't spread as well as I would like! I've increased the temperature which helped but still not happy with it.
What it everyone using?? What do you recommend for the best brow wax? I would prefer a strip wax but open to all advise an suggestions.
Thanks so much x


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I keep going between hot wax and strip wax for brows. What I’ve found so far is that any hot wax forms a skin on top and cools down quickly once the lid is off. It needs a really good stir and even then it goes cold too quickly on the face applicator no matter what applicator is use. Occasionally the wax will have a hotter funnier feel and is easier to use on face but I tend to find that’s only when the wax pot is pretty full and had the lid on for sometime. Not much use if you have one client after another for hot wax. I have a client who much prefers hot wax as she’s sensitive and goes red easily but I have to make a point of zapping the heater up higher and starting with the face before it starts to cool down again. I haven’t yet found a reliable hot wax for eyebrows.


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I’ve used Kim lawless and still do. I also use outback organics and the Blue Wax Expert Rosin Free but I’ve tried many more.


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Normally with hard wax you would not actually stir the wax in the pot as its best if the middle is still in a clump and you just “scrape” from the outside. That way it seems to have the perfect consistency and temperature (I dont use the wax you mentioned so it might be different with those brands) x