Best colour remover


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I need to find a new colour remover as the brand I used to use by Milkshake has been discontinued
What brands do you recommend?
My client has years of dark box colour on her hair, iv used the colour reset by milkshake twice now, but it does gradually go back darker, which I’m assuming is left over colour Molecules re oxidising, so obviously I’d like to avoid this happening again


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I used the schwartskopf one recently, I used it twice for 45 mins each time x


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I've always used nxt or affinage eraser. Had fairly reasonable results from each.


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I've used Lorea'l a few times. You can use it with warm water or with low volume peroxide. It is alright.
I’m assuming you’re talking about a bleach based colour remover whereas the OP was referring to a colour reducer which is kinder to the hair and works by removing the artificial colour only.