Best gel polish brand?


I am a recently qualified nail tech and I am going to set up my own mobile beauty business. Before I start investing money for my equipment I just wanted a bit of advice as to which gel nail brand is the best?

CND has good reviews and seems to be the most popular but there isn’t as much choice for this brand, also the price per bottle is high.

I would really appreciate any advice :) many thanks!


We would stay here forever talking brands as it is down to what your client base needs more than anything and everyone will have an opinion.

What I would say is, focus on cost per service more than price per bottle because that is what will determine your costs and your returns. If you do you will see that among the brands that are worth investing in the difference is minimal.


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It's all well and good to ask others what they think is best, but remember to ask WHY they think theirs is the best. There are lots of good brands out there, but what's best for someone else may not be what's best for you. Make sure you understand your needs, your business' needs, and of course, your customers' needs, and choose according to that, not according to what someone else said they like. That said, my favorite is OPI GelColour - I like that the bases are hybrid and have easy removals, the range of colors is great and iconic, the supporting products are consistently good, excellent education and training, and good customer service. I also like LeChat Perfect Match and Artistic Colour Gloss which have some amazingly beautiful colors, especially the Mood Changing colors.

If you are going mobile and time is of the essence then it might be worth considering Ikon.iQ as the colours are richly pigmented and you only need one coat, which also means one bottle will go twice as far more or less so good value too.


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As well as the good advice given so far, also use the search facility here as this question is asked on a regular basis o you should be able to find lots of info to trawl through.
Then draw up a shortlist of brands that sound as if they might suit you/your clients. Some of them could well have Facebook pages/groups that are well worth following for more in depth advice.

There are a lot of excellent brands out there to choose from. The one thing I would definitely recommend though is to choose a professional only brand, not one that sells to unqualified customers.

I trained in gel polish and acrylics last year and I have used CND for that year......
I love it for some things but also feel like it is lacking in some areas. Limited colour choice being a big one. They also don't bring out many new or masssivly different colours, so my clients didn't have loads of choice in the faviourate choice shade. I would also love it if they brought smoothing gel back...but they havnt. I am now thinking of trying another brand. The Gel Bottle has caught my eye!
I would do lots of research on the brands you have been reccomened and then maybe try a few or see what is being offered in yout area. Hope some of this helps and makes sense.