Best hair extension suppliers UK


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Hi everyone,

I have been doing extensions for a while now but am looking to continue my training and find the best supplier moving forward. I have used Balmian and Hair planet (cheaper alternative) l, I also have tried Cinderella Hair but found it very dry and frizzy after a few washes and wouldn't recommend it. Having looked through various forums some reviews are a bit contradictory but appreciate people may have different experiences.
Any advice would be a great help!

Thank you!



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I've been using euphoria one, all the hair I've had has been the 5A Indian and all lasted brilliantly. Even with people not using the shampoo. Much to my disappointment. Just bought the sway colour ring and they're colours are lovely. Can't wait for someone to book in for them

Thank you, I'll check them out!

Euphoria One! Best supplier and has the best customer services. Any problem with delivery etc. They sort very quickly so I can run my business! My client list has doubled because my clients can’t get enough of their hair Xxx

Great thank you! Two recommendations for that.

I third that! Luuuuuuvvv Euphoria. My most favourite brand. Amazing company, they shine above the rest.


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i've actually just came across a supplier, Fayemous hair Extensions.
i'm giving them a try the end of this month and i am ordering a colour ring and some of their mid range hair tomorrow.
best to contact Danielle directly. shes very helpful and i asked a load of questions and she answered them all.
euphoria/sway i will go back to if things don't work out. i hope they do though cause i'd rather support a smaller business than ones that get all the custom.


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Glamlox hair extensions.The quality is amazing x

Thank you for your help everyone!