Best hair straighteners for home use?


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Good morning hair professionals.

Please can you recommend some hair straighteners for personal use at home?

I’ve had a pair of Remington’s for several years, and they still work perfectly well, but with Xmas coming up I’d like to treat myself to some new ones.

My (colour enhanced ;)) straight, but sometime frizzy ended hair, is just beyond shoulder length, and is fairly thick in texture, and I usually have a Brazilian smoothing treatment once a year.

So far, everyone I talk to has recommend GHDs, but I’d like some expert opinions please as GHD make several different ones, and I wouldn’t have a clue which to go for :rolleyes:

Thank you!


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I love Cloud Nine.

They are designed by the guy who designed the first GHD’s but I think Cloud Nine are a better build quality. Mine are still going strong after 5 years use. Recent models of ghd’s don’t seem to last as well as the original one which might be the result of their manufacturing base moving to China?

The other important aspect is that they have a temperature control range so you can ensure you’re not burning your hair with too high a heat. This is especially important if you colour your hair. It’s also very easy to curl your hair with them, if you need to.


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Super excited, as Santa has bought me a very early Xmas present......Cloud 9 straighteners :):)