Best hot wax to use for intimate waxing

There are so many brands out there but what is the best one.

Any suggestions for hot wax???

Hi. I tried several Perron Rigot because they seemed to get good reviews however I found the only hot wax of theirs that I could work with was Euroblonde. Their cream hot waxes didn’t work well for me. They kept snapping. I now use Kim lawless which is a bit like Euroblonde but more shimmery and more pliable I’d say. I stick with that now.

Euroblonde is really good but can be expensive.

How much is Kim Lawless? Is it just the one or different types like Perron Rigot.

Kim Lawless is around £15 a bag. Only one hot wax and one strip wax.

I'll try it out...thank you :).


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I like Elite Wax Group Hot Wax. It’s vegan and gentle on the skin and I haven’t had it break on me. No need to buy loads of different varieties

I haven't heard that brand...thank you :)


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Most brands offer samples so you can try it first before you decide which works best for you. I would go for a polymer based wax as that heats a lower temperature and also stays flexible while its on the skin so you can remove the hair more efficiently. There is different brands with similar formulations including flirties, perron rigot etc but the prices vary so have a look at the different options and try it out x

Thank you...I'll try it out x


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Try and get yourself on a training course with a specialist wax supplier, this will teach you the techniques that help you get the best out of the wax. We're all different so what suits one might not suit another, but training works wonders.

Demos at trade shows are always worth attending, as are the seminars - you'll learn more and they only cost a few pounds to attend.

I like outback organic waxes. They have brief you tube videos which demo the waxes and they offer wax skills training for wax qualified therapists which is a good investment. You use less wax and make less mess, plus your treatment times shorten. They also do intimate wax training which is very good. Outback organic waxes are very economical in use.

I also like waxu wax, but this works out dearer as I use more. You can't buy this wax without their training, but I recommend their training.

When I trade, not many salons bother to invest in branded wax training. Consequently, I'm one of the best in the area. My clients that have strayed elsewhere all say how much they prefer coming to us. So I'd say that my wax training investment has paid off.

Oh...I'll definitely look into it x


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I like Harley wax xx


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I use Kim Lawless now too, having tried most of the Perron Rigot waxes. The hot wax bags are 1kg, where as most other brands are 800g, if you are looking to compare prices