Best known vegan facial range

Hi what range of facial range do you use?im looking for an organic range maybe and preferably vegan

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Rather than looking just for something vegan, you will serve you clients best by researching a product that suits their needs and is also vegan. They are out there but start with what you already use or would use and find out if it is vegan. A lot of pro stuff is but without an email to the manufacturer you’d never know. I know salonsdirect and I think maybe Aston fincher have a vegan list on their website too.

Us vegans (I don’t know if you are but if you are you will get this), don’t just want something because it’s vegan, we want the best, we just want it to be vegan too. My best example of this is I get 10 or so vegan food boxes for birthdays and Christmas. I get bought all sorts of expensive weird stuff that gets wasted just because it has the word vegan on it. Like olives, rice crackers and manky chocolates that are extortionate and gross. Never anything like ‘oh this is SO her taste’ it’s more ‘she’s vegan so she must want this unusual rude vegan quote to hang in her lounge.’ I don’t get anything obviously vegan. I find vegan food weird. Skin stuff is always ‘completely natural’ and I’m like Er give me some chemicals for my wrinkles..Hell I even find vegans weird. Those weird beetroot pizzas. I just have normal pizzas without cheese. It’s anarchy! I just want normal things but without the dead stuff on it you know. :D

So what I’m saying is, don’t go for the obvious choice as they are usually bought once for the ooh I can use this and then never again because they are faddy.

Good luck!!
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yes I know what you’re saying exactly!

I want something excellent, not too expensive, without it hurting anyone! and yes something for wrinkles!

I’m just finding it hard to research anything since Iv been out of the beauty world for a while

Hi, did you find a good facial range that suited after? Anyone have any recommendations? I’m having exactly the same problem, also looking for organic and vegan facial products. So far Tropic skincare actually looks promising as also a possibility of upselling as an ambassador but their start up kit is nearly £200!?


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Kaeso states on their home page that their products are primarily vegan

Personally I love all their products and my clients do too!

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We sell vegan & organic skincare for sale in salons. But not facial products.