Best lash extension training?

Kate Emily

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It’s a minefield! Where does everyone recommend to train?

Hi Katie
Where are you located and I can recommend some training courses for you. X

Hi Katie
Where are you located and I can recommend some training courses for you. X
Hi, I’m based in south Northants. Don’t mind having to travel for a good course. Would love to be able to do a combined classic & Russian course if therenis such a thing! Kate x

Hi Kate, I’m based in Gloucestershire and I teach a fast track Straight to Volume course which means you learn both Classic lashes & Russian Volume. Once you have completed your case studies you will be then qualified to offer Classic, hybrid ( mix of classic & volume ) and Russian volume. Not sure if maybe that’s too far for you to travel but I can give you some more information if you like?

There are other great training courses too which may be near you but not sure if they offer the fast track course.
Helga - Luxury Eye ( Oxford )
London Lash Pro
Sapphire Beauty & Training ( Didcot )

That is literally the exact sort of training I was after. I want to be able to offer Russian and classic because I have clients that would prefer one to the other.
Could you send me some more information please? Fees, location, course info etc.
My days off are awkwardly on a Sunday and Tuesday, so not together which is a bit rubbish but it’s something I can work around I’m sure.
Look forward to hearing back from you!


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I think you'll find it very hard to find anyone better than Frankie Widdows the quality of her training and knowledge is simply outstanding.


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I would highly recommend studio lashes too