Best lotions/potions to combat redness?

Hi lovelies, just after a little bit of advice please! It's for my mum - she asked me to do some googling for her but I thought you would probably know better ;)

She's a very outdoorsy type (walking,gardening,horses etc), and admits to not taking the best care of her skin in the past so it's sensitive & has a tendency to be quite red which she can't stand.
She has been using the Clinique Redness Solutions stuff but is looking for a (preferably cheaper!) alternative... She's not big into pampering herself so just something like a cream or a lotion to calm & help reduce the redness would probably get more use than a whole range but I'm open to any suggestions to pass on to her! She doesn't really like the feel of makeup so only wears it on special occasions, so not really after anything to disguise it but to treat it if possible.
Is there anything similar to the clinique about which she could try?

Thank you in advance! xxx


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Random but Manuka honey is supposed to be great (not sure if you apply it directly or mixed with another ingredient though)