Best spray tan products - samples?

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by michelle giles, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. michelle giles
    Hi wanted to try a few different tans out i have just purchased my hvlp 5008 and would like to see if i can get some sample any ideas ladies xx
  2. Spray tan jane
    I've had that machine 6 years. It's a good one. Sienna, crazy angel, LA tan, vani-t, fake bake etc etc. They will all send you samples. I've got vani-t on at moment ( £60+ a litre). I'm bloody orange
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  3. katielou95
    Has the Vani-T made you orange :O ???
  4. Spray tan jane
    Yes. My hands are orange as opposed to the brown LA would make me. I'm surprised as it's a high end product. X
  5. katielou95
    yeah I'm surprised its come out like that as its a Green based product. Nightmare! I'll feed this back today
  6. michelle giles

    Loooool bless you how do you get sample i dont seem to see an option on there sites to request them xx
  7. Spray tan jane
    I emailed them.
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  8. Danielle Jacqueline
    Ive recently tried Ferne Beauty and my clients love it! They are offering spray tanners free samples to try if that's any help? I contacted them through instagram x
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  9. michelle giles
    Ty hun x
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  10. Effi Briest
    I've recently converted to Norvell's Venetian solutions. They are violet based and give a very natural tan.
  11. victoria mitchell
    I've just tried samples of Ferne Beauty and im really impressed! xx
  12. LA Tanning
    Hi Pop onto our website for samples we have lots of fab offers on our solutions x

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