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hi there geeks, just wanting a bit of advice. Im a qualified nail tech and have been doing this mobile for a few months, work is picking up all the time and its going great, but a few client's have asked if i do any beauty treatments, and to be honest the only thing that has ever interested me is nails but i am now wanting to add a few more strings to my bow, so to speak.

I don't want to do a full beauty course because im not interested in most things and i was hoping for some pointers or suggestions in what is popular.

I was thinking about Hopi ear candles, eyebrow tinting, eyelash tinting, things like this, just wondered what you brill geeks think any advice welcomed!! :lol::lol:


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It would be a good idea for you to ask your clients what they would like you to offer, that way you are not going to waste any money on courses and later find that your clients do not want the treatments,
next time someone asks just say not at the moment but if i did what treatments would you have,
then keep a record of all your answers to help you choose,
i find a very popular treatment is spray tans,
these are so quick and easy to do so you can make a lot of money from doing these and they work well for mobile therapists hth


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Yeh I would also do spray tans simply because people are always asking for them my friends cant reach their backs etc with the st tropez!!! I think spray tans look lovely when done correctly!!!xx

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anything that needs maintaining will be a good treatment for you as your clients will need continuous maintenance just like they do on their nails.

what about lash extensions[expensive set up though]
waxing [even if its just eybrows]
lash tint and perm


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I depends on how much money you have!

Eyelash Enhancement and Spray Tanning both involve a costly set up.
Waxing and Lash Tinting/Perming involve a much lower initial investment.

See what budget you have and figure out exactly how much each thing will cost to set up and what you can charge in your area.
Do some local research..... what is and isn't already being offered in your area..... prices etc.
Think of the extra equipment each treatment requires... couch, tent, trolley, mag lamp etc.

Consider the fact that you are mobile and will have to load, transport, setup, put away, reload, transport and unpack all of the equipment required.
Tanning is far easier to do mobile than Waxing as the equipment involved is much smaller and easier to transport and set up..... But waxing clients re-book regularly, tan clients don't.
Eyelash Enhancements will require even more bulky equipment than waxing.

Not sure if I might have confused you more Lol


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I was thinking about Hopi ear candles, just wondered what you brill geeks think any advice welcomed!! :lol::lol:
The best advice I could possibly offer right at this point is...

Get the biggest umbrella out you can find as I can see the thunder clouds rolling in any second on this question :eek::eek:


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As you are saying you like your nail treatments maybe offer something that compliments it?
How about nail art? Or maybe even some retail items that go with the treatment you offer?

Sometimes you can find that products that are opposite of what you offer can be very much appreciated by your clients.....some help externally like nail varnish etc and some have the "feel good factor" and you will find that different products work better in certain areas than others (location and market niches) so its hard to predict which works best in your salon.

I think the idea of getting some feedback is fantastic - after all they would be the ones paying for the treatment or product or alternatively follow your heart and buy some testers ( some companies will even help with samples and free leaflets to help you promote the service or product) this way you can try it and see what you and your customers think?


thanks geeks there is a lot to think about xxx


If you have access to Entity products, they have recently launched a product called nanovive. It includes a hand peel, cuticle cream and intensive hand balm. My clients love the peel and some techs here are charging as much as 50% more per manicure for this service.