Big colour change, grey toner help

Feel like I'm always here these days haha. Help me out client wants this colour. I've explained about multiple sittings to achieve as close as I can and that the photo looks like a wig! Her hairs in good condition and I'll be using olaplex. Would you do root stretch and balyage, leaving some out to create death with the root colour? She wants the root as dark as in the pic but I think she'll feel too dark! What toner is a good match for this? I mainly use wella but open to suggestions. Thanks IMG-20190710-WA0007.jpeg IMG-20190710-WA0008.jpeg


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You'll need to bleach the hair up to a level 10, pre tone with colour touch 10/6 + 1.9%
Then at the very root (from scalp to about 1.5inches ) I would use colour touch 1parts 4/71 + 1 parts 7/89 +1.9% blend this (2-3 inches down) in to 2parts 7/89 +1parts 5/1 +1.9% blending in to
8/81 +7/89+10/6 +1.9% on the mid-lengths and ends. Hope this helps. There are other shades you can use, but these would be my go to. If you want other suggestions let me know.

Just noticed the guy tang watermark on the photo!