Bio Sculpture technicians, problem with gels being investigated


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Susie Blue

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Aug 5, 2011
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Hi Bio Sculpture tecs if you are interested and have had problems with lifting gels / problem gels Tina Stimpson on Facebook at Bio Sculpture Design Workshops page has been asked by Bio to send batch numbers colours of problem gels see her post below thanks Lunula Nail Spa

Bio Sculpture Design Workshops

Tina Stimson
For those ladies that have not seen my request. Can you post to me which country your from, the colours, colour number and batch number, which is on the side of the pots, of the gels that are causing problems. Lifting, popping off, air pockets, wrinkling, fading etc. I am putting this info onto a spreadsheet to send off to BioGel as they have requested me too. Thanks

Tina StimsonIf you think there is a problem with certain colours let me know the colour name, number and batch number to feedback to Bio. I have a few people responded but not as many as I thought considering how many people said they have had problems. Bubbling is one if the concerns

Lunula Nail Spa MickletonThere was a Bio Sculpture group on Salon Geek but they closed it down wonder if it worth posting on there to alert any Bio Tecs on the site as I know there was a lot of threads relating to these problems. I can always put a post on there for them to get in touch with youTina Stimsonif you like. I know some of them have already moved to this page but there are certainly a lot more this is uk based

Tina StimsonYes please you can ask people to message me with the info I need about problems. I am going to give people another week then send it off to see what their response is. Many thanks


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