Black color-stripping advice please


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Hi. I'm not a hairstylist, but my stylist colored my hair several shades of blue, purple, and pink, with a some black streaks, just a little over a year ago. It was really pretty, but not long after that, I got sick of it, so we tried Pravana's product that was supposed to strip the peacock effect, only the colors didn't budge. We did this twice, and after a few tears, we colored my hair black. Now, my skin is so pasty that I'm almost transparent, and I also have freckles. I need to get rid of this color. Could someone please save me from this dark cloud that is my hair? It's depressing. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you. :)

Hi there! :)
First of all, I’d like to express my concern with your colourist. Any colourist that colours hair to a level 1 black without a warning on the removal of that shade is not a good colourist. She should really have known better from looking at you that it wouldn’t suit you and spoke up, even if it was exactly what you wanted. :rolleyes:
Did the stylist say/warn you that you may not like the black and that it would be difficult to remove?
If so, i’m afraid that it would be your fault, you chose it! But if that is not the case, I would honestly find yourself a new stylist and not look back!!

To break it to you gently, your hair needs a serious correction. Level 1 black is very complex to remove, it requires specialist products and a patient and skilled colourist.
A chocolate brown or deep red is possible but in the short term you shouldn’t aim for blonde right now.
My advice is to find a salon that has the knowledge and expertise to correct that colour!
There is no cheap trick to fixing this though i’m afraid...
Without correctional colour knowledge, it’s just too dangerous to DIY it.
Do yourself a favour, do your homework and find yourself a colourist! ;)


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Thank you for replying. I wanted the blues and purples, but as for the black, I didn't want it. I'm not blaming her in any way for my unhappiness with it, though. Experimenting with color is always a gamble, and I knew that going in.

My natural color is a chocolate brown (with a bit of gray these days).

Again, thanks so much for your reply. I never touch my hair myself. Not after the Punky Professionals incident when I was 16. :eek:

Your welcome :) I’m sorry I couldn’t yield much into fixing it!
Wow, you are literally the nicest client ever... Well done for owning it!! :cool:
But if you didn’t want the black, I still stand by what I said. A good stylist would’ve listened to you...
In that case, getting back to your natural colour should defo be your aim going forward.
The good news is that if it was a salon brand level 1 black and it’s only been coloured once or twice, then it’s much easier to remove than an at-home colour or built up colour.
So if you’ve never coloured yourself, there is a chance that you could get to a dark brown in 1-3 sessions. ;)
It’s not all bad, you just need to find yourself a colourist who’s good with corrections!