Bleach advice


Looking for some advice with foils
I have not been fully back in hair for about 8 years and been really trying to re-educate myself throughout lockdown.
So I am from the era of cap highlights with bleach and 60 vol.
I want to transition to foils but am scared stiff of bleach I am worried about over processing and obviously the minute the lightener is on it will start to porocess, then the back will be lighter than front.

All my foils are hi-lift tint... However, I am getting lots of new clients post lockdown

So my question is what peroxide do you all use on say level 5? From what I have read most ppl use 20vol/6% but my first thought is would I get enough lift? I want to tone with illumina 10/81 or something similar.
Sorry it's long winded.


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Don’t forget that if you’re using foils, it retains the heat so 6% will lift fine. Some geeks like to mix a lower developer for doing the back and sides and remix with a higher developer for the top and front so that the whole head is lifted equally by the time you’ve finished applying all the foils.

As it’s been a while, you’d probably benefit from some refresher colour training.
If you’re a Wella girl, they’ve got some free online training at the moment.



That's great thanks. I am signed up to an online academy at the moment but they don't always cover specific thoughts that crop up in your mind
My daughter is prob about a 7 I have used 10 vol in the past.
As regards the foils, I toying with whether to use meches so that I can keep an eye on it
My other worry is pace and that's why I have all these quandaries.
Thank so much.