Bleach turned dark brown hair, green! Help!


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dyed a good friends hair (outside the salon, cheeky home dye) and she wanted it dipdyed so I used 40 vol and blue powder bleach, her hair has gone MOSS GREEN!

we washed it with fairy liqiuid and used ketchup but it hasnt worked I Really do not know what to do her. the ends of her hair are like a seawitch (though not breaking or anything shockingly)

and i do not know what to use. Was thinking maybe using a red majirel mix + 10 vol to neutralise? please pleaseee help!! xox


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need uk based dyes etc too as im in england!


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What products did u use?


You used a home dye kit?


Why ketchup and washing up liquid? (never heard of this before?

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Ketchup is a old trick, most has colouring so can be used to neutralise green. I'm guessing the washing up liquid was to try and strip out the green.

Take this as a lesson that home kits aren't reliable. She must have had a green ash colour previously to have caused this, or a very gold which has reacted with the blue and turned green.

Try crazy colours red and watch very closely xoxo


What's opposite green on the colour wheel? Have a look and apply a toner in that shade ;) I'm sure it's red or orange x


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yep she told me shed had it dyed in a salon, turns out no she forgot she also used a home dye!! ARGH!
going to get a red toner today. do you crazy colour is best option? because I was considering using majirel mix red w/10 v??x

thanks guys!! should have known better and done a test. bleedin heck


Good grief - what home dye was it to turn green?

The only time I've had that was years ago with someone who swore blind they'd not used henna and their hair ended up a patchy emerald green - attractive!

In my experience, you'll struggle to tone it evenly and keep it light - what level are the dip-dyed bits? If they're quite light and a bit porous, then I wouldn't use a permanent red mix colour as it's very easy to go too far the other way and end up with patchy orange.

I'd suggest that she needs to go a couple of levels darker with a warm base, and forego the dip-dye for now.

Tell her it's been done to death anyway and is so last year! ;D

Oops - just spotted the crazy colours suggestion - this is a great idea, just wanted to reiterate what Tomme said about watching VERY closely and / or strand test before. If you're nervous about this you can get a gloss mixer for the crazy colours that dilutes it so that you do repeat applications to get the tone you want.
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Using a toning bleach when lifting out dark color is foolish. My guess is you destroyed the cuticle of her hair... The blue tone in the bleach blended with the gold undertones once it lifted enough and there came the green. At his point the only option is cutting really. I assume the cuticle is so blown out it won't hold color anyway. Another home color kit lesson learned...


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Should have used a white powder and not 40vol!!!!!


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from my own experience the only time its gone green is when ive forgotten to pre pig back....


Try 8.34 in L'Oréal Dialight + 9vol, had a client come in from another salon who turned her hair green, was a level 7 so used the 8.34 cause it had the copper in it but still kept that golden color and so the 7 wouldn't go any darker. Came out so beautiful.