BluBerry Sparkle coloured nails


They are brill. You are really talented


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Thanks for all your comments!

These were done using the reverse method, so I did zone 3 first then zone 2 then zone 1. Then after you can build you apex up properly using clear l&p. It's really easy to do, honest!!

The ring fingers have clear circles in them with rhinestones encased. To do this you dab a little clear polish onto the nail plate in random spots, add a few gems, and then once dried, place small beads of clear l&p. Allow them to settle and gentle nudge and press them into circular shapes. Appl your coloured l&p around the circles, and once it's all hardened, file per normal until the surface is all even. If anyone saw my nails at Excel, this is the same method I had used!!



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Amazing! Those are GORGEOUS!


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