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  1. Hairfairy1904
    Hi geeks,
    Looking for some advice. My friend (also a hairdresser) currently has blue hair she is wanting to change to a coral pink colour but we are stumped at what to try first to lift out the blue. Obviously we want minimum damage to the hair. It is currently in good condition.
    What will be the gentlest to try and lift the blue? It was bleached prior to applying the blue

    Edit She has used directions osmo L'Oréal arctic fox

    Photos below

    ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1500233769.457072.jpg ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1500233777.940458.jpg
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  2. Haircutz
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    It depends on what type of colour the blue is; a direct dye or oxidised colour and the condition of her hair. Was it bleached before the blue was applied?
    Dont go in with bleach if it's a direct dye otherwise she'll be stuck with turquoise hair!
    The vo5 hot oil treatment used to remove direct dye ( unless they have changed the formulation) worth a try ?
  4. Fabby
    Trying using 30 volume with clear permenant. That'll work only if it's direct dye. For oxidised colours, zalon pro london works well, though you will have to probably use it 2-3 times to remove most of the colour, in either scenario, you will end up having to lift the hair at least a little
  5. JJH93
    I just watched a lady on Instagram so a bleach wash/soap cap with 30vol at the basin to remove the pigment. You may be left with a mint green, but I've also seen that pink will neutralise that. Although it's in the nature of vivids that you never know what you're gonna get or how it's gonna go! :)
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  6. Hairfairy1904
    Totally forgot to tell you all what it is!!
    She has used directions osmo L'Oréal arctic fox
  7. Hairfairy1904
    I have read about rusk elimin 8 anyone tried this on vivids?
  8. Haircutz
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    Elimin8 is for oxidised colour only. Have a read of the sticky thread about colour removers to help you understand how they each work.

    If she used several direct dye versions of blue on bleached hair, it's unlikely to come out clean on the mids and ends but might come out on the root area where it's not been re-applied.

    Try using a direct dye remover such as Malibu or a mix of clear and 6% to see if it pushes it any of the colour out. Beware that bleach mixes will probably cause it to stain, so it will go a bit lighter but will stay turquoise/blue to an extent. You could then try covering it with pink to neutralise the greeny blue tinge.

    As @JJH93 says, it's fairly unpredictable and I'd be wary of using strong bleach mixes as you don't want it to go literally candy floss pink. :eek: :D
    What about bleach powder and warm water ? Iv used it to lift grey toners out ?
  10. Clareh
    I had great success cleansing my hair with clarifying shampoo then using olive oil on my hair overnight and washing it out in the morning. I had purple direct dye on bleached hair done 3 times. It seemed to shift it better than when I used Malibu crystal gel. It might be something which the client can try at home before you get her in your chair?

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