Body exfoliation?

Hey, could anyone recommended there fav/best body exfoliation? This isn't for client but for myself. I normally use apricot scrub but wondering what else is good out there.
Thanks in advance
Hi Jade,

2 good exfoliation products I can recommend are Garnier pure active scrub and St Ives Apricot scrub - completely natural, a real winner!

Hi Jade, Im a temple spa lifestyle consultant would recommend Temple Spa's sugar buff! It's amazing not only does it exfoliate but also moisturises the skin. Can be used all over the body! And is made of olive oil, figs and pomegranate. £26 for a pretty big tub.. A little goes a long way, mail me if u would like more info etc xx


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Most fake tan exfoliators are good as they're designed to remove all dead skin so the tan lasts well. I've found the fake bake one to be good as well as st.tropez

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Body Scrubs are one of my best sellers at Cognito Skincare.
I've formulated the product so that instead of just using liquid oils which means the bits go flying off everywhere making a right mess, my scrub 'stays together' in use & remains semi solid at room temperature (unless you're keeping it next to a hot radiator!)

If they're used with essential oils, they're 100% natural, otherwise 98% if using a fragrance oil.

Moroccan Rose Otto Body Polish by REN is beautiful and I used it at a high end spa I used to work at. Followed by the matching body moisture cream it is gorgeous.

I love the sanctuary oil and salt scrub, elemis lime and ginger and the body shop shea butter body scrubs :)

I second the cognito body scrubs. I'm using them in the salon and my clients love the smell. A little goes a long way x

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Alexandria Professional Practitioners also sell Dead Sea Salt in retail packs and some offer a Body Scrub as a treatment.

Body Sugaring does also exfoilate at the same time as remove hair.

Alexandria Professional Practitioners are independant therapist.


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I use "a bit of rough" cloth, and I highly recommend it. Its the best thing that I have used, my OH has one too. Doesn't give you that itchy feel afterwards.