Bonded or paper strips, what’s the difference?


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Hi I was due to do my waxing course but it was put on hold due to the current situation, I’m looking to purchase a starter kit I’ve found one called Wax master complete station would anyone know if this is a good brand to get? also can someone explain the difference between paper strips & bonded strips please?


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Can't comment on the brand you are mentioning sorry.

Does the course suggest a particular wax station? I would leave buying anything until you have got some information about what the course providers recommend. Just wait a little longer until you are able to do the course.

Bonded strips are the same as paper strips, it's just a name. Some are thicker than others.
The alternative is a cotton fabric strip , which personally I detest because the fraying edges drive you mad. Such a mess everywhere!


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Thanks for the advice, I will contact the academy and ask if they can recommend a particular wax, I just want to be ready for when I do eventually do my course.