Booth rent or commission

I just got out of school not long ago. Been in the nail business for not even half a year. Started out in a booth rent salon. Was making no money so I decided to tell my manager I was going to step away and try to find somewhere that’s commission. Was told I had no passion & this wasn’t the line of work for me. I’m feeling down. Not sure what to do or what would be the best. Am I not passionate for not trying to stick it out?


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No 1 rule, you need to build a thick skin when in business for yourself and remember that other people don’t necessarily have your best interests at heart.
Your ‘manager’ gets paid by you regardless of whether you have clients but I think you’re right to look for a commission based position until you’ve built up a good sized list of regulars as you only pay out if you have a client.

I’m not even interested in building clientele...I’m interested in building skill. I don’t want to stay in the area I’m in for all of my life so I just want to get better. Manager got mad and told me that’s not how it works.

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Commission salons are where you need to be to develop your skill, confidence and client interaction (and still make money).

In short, commission is for when the salons bring in the customers. Booth rent is when YOU bring in the customers.

And love Haircutz comments. She is spot on.

Best of luck :)