Botanicals or Neal's Yard - 2nd salon line


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Hi Geeks,

I currently use Thalgo in my salon which is great for my skincare clients however I have a lot of non skincare clients (waxing, nails, tans etc) that don't buy Thalgo skincare, regardless of me banging on about how good it is. A recent survey shows that they mostly use the rubbish that can be bought in Tesco.

So, I am looking for a 2nd skincare line to retail to this group of clients that is affordable, non committal and tiny opening order value. I'm not interested in which brand has better efficacy for facials as I already have a brand for that. This is a retail only exercise. My question is this:

Neals Yard is MLM, although has a better range of products, Botanicals does not have a wide range of products, but is non MLM.

Which would you choose?

P.S. I am not interested in alternative product suggestions, I've already done extensive searches in these forums but thanks anyway :)


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I stock Botanicals, my clients and I adore it.
I love botanicals it sells really wellx

I used to use botanicals but switched to Neals yard about a year ago as I found the product ranges better to suit all skin types and smell preferences. Plus you also get a lot more freebies/exclusive discounts which is brilliant. People seem to be more familiar with the brand so I find people trust it more and are more likely to purchase. Have you seen the £50 joining offer that's running until 29th Feb? Don't let the MLM put you off there are no targets, no pressure and you only have to place one order a year of around £85 to keep your account active. If anything I've actually preferred being part of NYR and have found there is much more support from other therapists and consultants. I would be happy to send you more information or talk further if you would like. Good luck with choosing what's right for you!


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I spoke to a lady from botanicals today as this thread intrigued me about the brand! She explained the differences between the therapist account & trade accounts - both sounded good. I used Neals yard when I first opened my salon for about two months - I stopped when a random non client came in letting my clients know she also "sold" it and wasn't a therapist! Totally put me off! So it was great to see a organic brand that sells to professionals without the MLM to non pros. I have clients that want organic skincare so I'm going to add botanicals to my other lines X

Have I also just seen neals yard in waitrose?


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Sorry, I'm probably being dim but what does MLM mean? :)

Multi level marketing - so like Forever Living, Arbonne etc. Your clients can buy an opening pack and start selling the same as you, so not professional products. Maximum opening order is £200 so not huge. You usually earn quite low commission to mark up as your upline earns from your sales etc x


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Question for those that use Botanicals:

There is no Eye Cream?

What do you use? Is this a problem?

I have decided to order the starter pack from both Neals Yard and Botanicals. I've tried both products and really like them although the lack of range with Botanicals is really bothering me, and the MLM issue with Neals Yard is bothering me?

I have looked at many other low cost skincare lines and I either hate the product or I hate the packaging or they have such ridiculous financial packages that it makes them unfeasable (REN & Caudalie have a MASSIVE annual spend and minimum order value for such low value product - gutted)

I would like to use Heaven but start ups are too high for me being mobile.


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I've just ordered the therapist start up kits for botanicals, I was really impressed from the samples they sent - I actually like that the brand hasn't too many products in it as I stock other brands so not a huge out lay, I know some of our customers will love this brand X


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I am loving organic surge products, bought some to try at home and I might stock them x

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Hi I use Neals Yard I love the products my only minus point is they don't last 5 minutes as not available in salon size.Tempted to return to Eve Taylor.:)


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Hi I use Neals Yard I love the products my only minus point is they don't last 5 minutes as not available in salon size.Tempted to return to Eve Taylor.:)
That is an interesting point thank you. Not sure if Botanicals do salon sizes either?