Bought over a business & have vouchers still coming in!


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I bought over a business in Nov last year, but I have people coming in with gift vouchers from the old business, I don't have the money from them. The old owner is being a bit difficult. How do I word it to say I can't honour these vouchers.
Also anyone else been in a similar situation?

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I’m happy to chat over the phone if you want to PM me your number.

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How many vouchers do you think will be coming back realistically? If it’s not loads personally i’d be inclined to honour them as a good will gesture & potentially you then might make a new regular client out of it? Maybe you could explain that you have taken over the business & that the voucher wasn’t actually bought from you, but if they are willing to come in at a quiet time/day you will honour it for them?... I know that as a customer I would really appreciate that, leave a good tip & if I was happy with the treatment i’d rebook...


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If you didn't want to accept the voucher value in it's entirety, could you perhaps offer a discount to voucher holders?


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Turn it into a plus if you can.
The previous owner really needs to give you a list of outstanding vouchers, saying if they are for treatments or for a specific value. Find out if the vouchers typically have a validity ( 3month, 6months, 1year ).

If there aren't that many, and you have contact details for the buyers, you could honour the voucher.. that way they will experience the new salon and could become regulars.
You could offer then a complementary treatment to replace the voucher, ( maybe at a lover value) if there are quite a few unredeemed vouchers out there.

I'm sure it makes a difference if the salon has the same name... or has changed names. If you just took over running the business... then maybe presold vouchers should have been disclosed before the sale!!