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Feb 2, 2019
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Hello. I’m colouring my mums hair she would like an all over cream/beige blond.

She has a base 5 with warmth natural root (about an inch) with 75% grey at front and 25% grey through the back. I have always used wella kp high lifts tints with bleach highlights for her, but over time it’s gone very brassy and very warm. I have been refreshing my colour knowledge lately, and been trying out kp, Illumina and ct for toning after highlighting with bleach. The results have been great. As for my mum who wants an all over colour just worried about the colour that will be revealed after bleaching, and if I’m going to get her desired colour. I would say her coloured hair colour at the moment is a warm 8 through the front and with level 10 bleach highlights. Through the back it is a really warm 7.

My thoughts were to bleach the natural root using olaplex and 9%, then use bleach with olaplex and 6% on the mid lengths and ends. If I could achieve a level 9 I was going to tone with kp 9/38 and 9/16?? Thoughts please. Thanks in advance

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