Sooo after a well needed root touch up on my highlights my boss decided to try L’Oréal majimeche with 40 vol.. I am naturally a level 6 but after everything my roots came out brassy and I’m mortified considering my ends are basically platinum... was wondering if it would work if I went in with a L’Oréal dialight 10.13 to tone out the yellow... i couldn’t say anything to my boss but I am so unhappy please help



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Those roots don’t look like they’ve been lightened at all?


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She hasn't covered much of your root.
You could probably tone the yellow out, but it will just give a darker appearance to the root area. I would ask her to lighten the roots again, with bleach, and just explain it doesn't look like you've had your roots done


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There are not enough foils for how blonde you are, needs re highlighting, or a base breaker.

I think it would look beautiful if you put a cool 7 or 8 on the roots, but don't think it's the look you're going for x