Bring back the great British sunday!


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ahhh i used to watch the littlest hobo on a sunday morning when i was little lol!!
This one is for you Sian and is up there in the realms of Heidi and Huckleberry Finn...and i have them all on dvd:eek::eek:....YouTube - Littlest Hobo - Opening - UK TV

Alot of my sundays though i was nursing a many a hangover in the early 90s:lol::lol:


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Bring back the great British Sunday? Amen to that.

I remember when the papershop closed at 1:00pm, then that was it for the rest of the day. No more shops until Monday. Even petrol stations were closed!

If I didn't spend the afternoon with my grandparents, I'd be curled up on my bed with a copy of Blue Jeans, My Guy or Jackie.

Great thread Gabi, but gosh do I feel old or what?! :lol:


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I have signed many petitions...bring back knots is one of them...:eek:.i am such a nostalgic geek at heart...don't get me wrong i do not live in the past...but it is our past that makes the people we are...omg where did that come from...:eek::lol:

I love to hear how people used to spend thier sundays....we can all still have our sundays...we need to let our future generations be aware thatnothing changes...except people's mentality...right now i am too deep,and i am getting to the shallow end...:green:

I love to hear that i was not the only one that paused and rewinded the top hits on a sunday between 5 and 7,waiting with baited breath for that number 1...oh the summer of 84 was "fabulous daaarling " as Sharon would say:green:


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Aaaaah Begerac I love him !! I actually watched it today on sky !

I love Sundays apart from knowing that the following day means no more laziness :lol:

Missy G

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Aw I remember Sundays in the old days, used to wake up and watch Worzel Gummidge :lol::lol:...Mum wasnt really into cooking roasts IMA,dad used to play his Blondie and The Pretenders album...Five oclock the charts would be on , Id be sat in my bedroom recording on my wee tape recorder,... and then used to yell at my mum when she walked in my bedroom talking whilst I was taping as any back ground noise was taped too...:lol:


and as for recording the charts...pause...start...pause...start..miss favourite song while winding chewed up tape back in with a chewed up biro pen, and then writing down all the songs you had recorded on the little card bit on the tape cover (why did they never give enough space on those really annoyed me writing on the back :irked:)

Then off to learn the words to your fave songs....
start...listen to a few words....pause....write down words....start...pause...start to write words...mum shouts your Arctic roll pudding is arctic roll....lick bowl....rewind tape...(usually too far)....pause...write....
OMG - me too!
yes, writing down the lyrics of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody tee hee!
And Arctic Roll, forgotten about that one.
Used to have a bath sunday evening then sit in front of the gas fire in pyjamas and dressing gown to dry my hair, whilst eating toast and marmite before going to bed. My granny would always be over for sunday lunch and my dad would drive her home after the toast and marmite. .
then an early night as it was school next day.

Nail Love

I soooooo miss Sundays like they used to be!!!! My nan used to come over on a Sunday, we used to go on walks (which felt like miles when I was young but was probably only a mile) then we would all sit and eat Roast dinner at a table, as a family... then us kids did the dishes whilst dad slept in the chair infront of bullseye, and then only fools and horses/last of the summer wine!! haa haaaa those were the days!!! :))
Its so nice now when my mum gets us all together for Sunday Roasts..... Shops may have changed and pastimes have changed, but my mums roasts with homemade Yorkshire puddings....are STILL the best :hug:

Anne Niven

Lol hey Im not the oldest person on here. I hate shops being open on a Sunday, and how would they cope today when shops used to close for days at a time during Christmas etc and Bank hols. On a Sunday after lunch my sister and I were allowed to walk to the corner shop to buy an ice cream or lolly. Wish those days were back.