Bringing a model to Sienna X training?

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Charley92, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Charley92
    Hi, I'm booked on to level 1 training with sienna x on Friday. I've contacted them and they said I am ok to bring a model as I'm really uncomfortable with having to show my own body (after pregnancy and a lot of weight gain and loss) I'm just wondering if anyone else has brought a model before? The closer it gets the more anxious I'm feeling about sticking out like a sore thumb for bringing a model
    Thanks in advance guys x
  2. AshLovesTanning
    Bring a model if you want to. They are hardly gonna make you get naked and stand in front of a group of people :p
  3. Charley92
    Lol I just didn't want to look like an idiot. If I didn't have a saggy tummy I wouldn't mind
  4. AshLovesTanning
    :D Just bring a model and tell them that you are spraying her.
  5. LA Tanning
    Please don't be uncomfortable, we come in all shapes and sizes and they should understand that if you don't want to be sprayed that is your decision. When the ladies come to our courses, we ask if they want to be sprayed, if they don't it is perfectly okay and we get a model to attend.
    You may find when you attend the course that not everyone (or anyone) is stick thin and perfect (like the rest of us!!).
    Enjoy your course and go for it girl!!
  6. Charley92
    Thanks Hun, training ended up going really well :) I now just have to practice. Did my first tan today and it went well but there's work to be done I think. I need to get used to the machine
  7. Charley92
    Thank you :) everything worked out fine and training went well. I really enjoyed it :)
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  8. EllenHyuga
    Im doing a spray tanning course through gateway. I'm over weight and have put on so much since having my son! I'm taking a model on the day :)

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