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Jul 29, 2013
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Hi all,
Hope you are well.

Im having a brain fart re: brow lamination and pregnancy. Been so long before I had a pregnant client what with being off so long for lockdown then my health, and now I have two at once.

My client has brow lam with tint, and from memory tinting was a no go during pregnancy. She is not yet pregnant but trying and asked me as she loves it so much. I said yes and then realised later actually no Im talking shit. But I checked with my supplier and they were wishy washy with no evidence to suggest cant do it but to advise caution. And my insurer wouldn’t give me a yes or no only refer to my training. Which was a million years ago. Ive gone over everything i have but I don’t actually have anything that says no pregnancy.

Im normally obsessive and know the ins and outs of everything but brain has turned to mush being off so long.

Thanks for any help


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Mar 9, 2014
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Don’t worry until after your client knows she’s pregnant.

I reassure clients that we continue to offer a full range of services to clients when we are pregnant so there is no reason to worry that a treatment might harm their pregnancy. The issue of course is that changing hormones makes skin very reactive, so if a sniff of tea makes you vom, it’s probably not a good idea to expose yourself to chemicals that can trigger sensitivities.

After 12 weeks the placenta takes over nourishment of the baby and hormones settle. This is when you might consider offering a treatment- first ask the brand distributor, some may say “no” others hedge their answers. If you haven’t been told no, suggest to your client that she discusses with her midwife. If you get the ok, do a patch test first.

Basically, to be covered by your insurance you need to have checked the policy doesn’t exclude cover for pregnant clients receiving certain treatments AND check with the brand/your training.

in the U.K. we are very cautious. I have an Australian client and she can’t understand why she could have her brows and lashes done in Australia when pregnant and not in the U.K.

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