Brow tint help!

Hello , I added brow tinting to my menu . How long do y’all leave it on for, no directions came with the kit I bought and any other advice y’all have on brow tinting would really help me !!


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Are you qualified in tinting?



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no , I haven’t took a class just watched videos and ordered the kit.
As you are not qualified in tinting and this site is for professionals I would suggest you take a course on how to tint

I am a cosmetologist who has always done waxing , I just now have got into brow tinting .


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This thread has now been moved to the Ask a pro section, but to add to what has already been said, please take a course in brow tinting as without qualifications and insurance cover for that particular service, your clients’ welfare and health could well be compromised, ultimately leaving you exposed to potential legal action.