Brow wax gone wrong

Hi all. I done a brow wax yesterday and my client has sent a photo of her brow today with a red mark. Looks like a burn but my wax was definitely not too hot. I stretched the skin when removing. What have I done wrong.



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It does look a little sore , but don't beat yourself up as these things happen occasionally. She has quite a couperose complexion from what I can see , so you are dealing with a typically sensitive client anyway. (like me for example!)
I do my own brow wax and on the odd occasion It has happened to me when I have been
Due a period and then menopausal - can't win
Been in the sun or used a sunbed....years ago, when I was stupid.
Used a facial scrub say 24 hours before treatment.
Used an anti ageing moisturiser that contains some mild vitamin based skin peel.

However on clients since it is so much worse than making a graze than on youself, some of the above factors also apply.
Medication can also affect the skin, making it more delicate.
In addition, doing it all in one strip , not applying talc or some therapists use oil ( I don't ) can also lead to this.

Some of my clients have the hard wax brow treatment and that seems to be better than strip wax, because it shrink wraps the hair without affecting the skin beneath.

Meanwhile ,I would tell her to apply sudocrem, just dab it on to a clean brow area and it should settle down in a day or two. keep in touch with her because you want to troubleshoot and sort the next appointment so that you work with her on how you do the next brow session.
You may just pluck for the next time, see how things go.

Thank you so much rosie. My client has just told me this has happened before and shes not had a brow wax in years. I used sensitive wax on her and was going to suggest the hard wax next time. I work with her. Shes lovely and not complaining but as you say we beat ourselves up. Thanks so much for replying xx


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It's that sensitive skin , know that too well myself.
Thankyou for you gracious reply, it is nice to know that some geeks have nice manners and you are indeed a ray of sunshine!


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Be sure to ask her if she has made any changes to her skin care routine. Some cleansers and moisturisers have ingredients that affect the skin, making it thinner and more prone to lifting. I only use hard wax for facial waxing. But the temperature needs to be correct, too cold can also lift the skin.

Thank you so much for the advice hints and tips. It's very much appreciated. Xx

I was having this trouble as well and all I changed was not waxing the brows in all one strip . Instead of pulling it off in one do it in two like Kelly baker brows does !


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She looks like she has sensitive skin. There are a few different things that could have cause it that have been pointed out above, another is if you put on the wax slightly too thick so it hasn’t come off as clean as you would like it too

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It’s a little graze. Be very calm and casual and say it’s not common but it can happen. Keep it clean and use some sudocrem on it only if you really need to. It will usually be gone within a week or so and they can use their afterwax lotion on it.

Can be caused by many things but most common is acne meds/facial peels/enzyme exfoliators client uses at home and doesn’t mention, but from the actual wax it can be not using oil, not stretching enough and waxing over the same spot without realising.