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Nov 24, 2009
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I've two young ladies who have kindly agreed to give out some flyers for me in a busy town centre in return for giving them both a free spray tan:). They will be wearing the tan whilst doing this.

My initial reaction was to make up some fairly cheap flyers with prices/offers but I had second thoughts and wondered what would be more effective. I wondered if it were me, would I be more likely to keep a business card if walking through a town centre and put a flyer in the next available bin? Would a business card look more professional? Or would someone just want all the prices and offers to intice and then pick up the phone. Or even both? :irked:. I've done the leaflet drop through doors before and only ever go one call.

Things are very quiet at the moment and don't want to miss out on an opportunity. Just wondered what has worked for you, your thoughts would be appreciated :hug: P.S I've read the 'Lynne thread' and found this very informative, have been working through a few ideas from this also. Thanks!
how many leaflets did you send out when you received the 1 call? did you deliver them yourself or have a company do it for you? if you had a company are you certain they were all delivered?

i'd say go for the leaflets. a business card is small and there's not much room to put anything on it apart from basics. like your name, address/location, number and maybe a bit of what you offer, i'd be surprised if you could list anything other than the basics that you offer without it being silly sized writing which i think is pointless. you're not giving anybody any idea of you and why you are better, just literally what you are called and that you offer a few basic treatments. maybe you could speak to some print companies who design too and see what they think could fit on a business card? also, i'm sure you have far more important things to do than answer the phone and emails to people who want to know 'do you do this?', 'do you do that?' and how much such and such a thing costs. with leaflets you can put everything on them - your name, location, prices, opening times, special offers/packages including things like if a tint test is required aswell etc. and of course you have more space to make it look fab and really appealing :D
Thanks for your reply. I sent out 500 leaflets and delivered them all myself to local houses, thought they looked OK as well ... Good points about the detail on flyers, I realise this is invaluable. Think I'm probably going to go with this, was just concerned that with it being in a town centre and walking past bins every 30 seconds this may be their 'final resting place' without even being really read.
I did a similar thing in a town centre and I didnt have much joy from it. Myself and a friend handed them out, and as we gave them out it seemed that everyone took notice of them but had no calls from any leaflet drops I have done.

At the moment I feel it is very hard to persuade somebody to have a treatment that may be new to them because of financial reasons.

It might work in your town centre different areas are different. Good Luck :hug:
if you thought your own leaflets were just 'ok' then what would potential clients have thought?

if you're worried about them not being read then surely something that's bigger will get given more attention than something that's pretty small? there's more room for brighter colours, better design, just generally more eye catching than a small business card. not just that but you can include alot more words that will get peoples attention. if you think about it when you see certain words eg. free you tend to look more, so there's certainly more of a chance to get down more words that potential clients will take notice of at a glance. whatever kind of hand out you go for i'd speak to a professional and get their advice and have them design and print it too. x
I'd go somewhere in the middle and hand out A6 leaflets. You can get them printed nice and cheaply. Have your logo on there (if you have one) and don't waffle...get to the point so they can make decision, at a glance, to stash it away in a handbag before they get to the next bin.

But make sure its got an offer on that they have to physically bring the leaflet back with them.

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

p.s. 500 really isnt a lot of leaflets. It might seem plenty, but conversion rates means you won't get much back on that amount.
Thanks for all the great replies! It's made up my mind to ditch the business card idea and go for the leaflets. I also like the idea of putting on an offer where they have to bring the leaflet back, hopefully that should keep those town centre bins empty :lol:. I'll use the business cards by introducing myself in hairdressers, bridal shops etc. while the girls dish out the leaflets.

Good luck to us all, here's to a busy festive season x

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