Business name help?

I’m currently knows as beauty by thea
But that sounds so plain and simple!
I want something people can remember and that’s different!

I like thea’s lash and beauty lounge
But is that to long?
Or lash and beauty bar by thea?

I just need help!
I mainly do lashes and all beauty so want that to both be included in the name aswell as my name or initials which are t.a.r


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Isn't plain and simple easy to latch on to?
Lash and beauty lounge by Thea. ... Sounds nicer than using bar in your business name.
Your name gives no one any doubt as to what your business is , and that's what clients remember.
Y es i am boring, but there really is nothing that needs fixing in my opinion. It is fine with the small tweek you have made.
Hopefully another more adventurous geek will jump on the thread and put my opinion to shame !!! LOL


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I think ‘beauty by thea’ is actually very good.
Simple and understated sounds much more classy and elegant that adding unnecessary frills.
Definitely better than adding lounge or bar which, in my opinion, sounds more like a cheap nightclub. :oops: I wouldn’t add Lash to the name either as it’s just one treatment on your list. As you grow your business and add treatments you might find it more of a hindrance.

If you haven’t already, pay an experienced professional to design a fabulous logo and it will stop the name seeming ordinary to you. Honestly, a decent logo and a quality website will make a big difference to how you and others perceive your business.

Just my opinion though. :)