Business name

Hi all ,
Once again another question ,

So Ive just completed my spray tanning course , which I decided to name
Sunflower spray tanning

However in the upcoming months , I will be offering lash lift/tint & gel nails .

So I feel that sunflower spray tanning doesn’t fit the bill !!!

I’m working from my box room @ home , and I don’t want to use my first name (Paula)

Any suggestions would be great , as I’m keen to advertise on social media xx

Ruby S

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Ohh tough one... I like the sunflower name. Sunflower spray is nice but I get what you mean, unless you went for sunflower tan and nails or something! Or maybe something like “polished & bronzed” ‍♀️


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I really like sunflower, it's lovely.
Use it and just call yourself "Sunflowerbeauty "and that would cover all your needs for the future direction of your business.
I'm not particularly arty or clever with names , but it says what you do and that should be enough.
Good luck !