Busy back to back, nagged about retail and rebooking


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Am I the only hairdresser that hates all of this?




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Is this what your boss is nagging you about ?
Yes every day it’s the same, you need to get your retail up, you need to get your rebooking up, you need to sell more. We need to do more training to get you selling more.

I love my craft, my art and skills as a hairdresser but I can’t stand this constant demotivating push to sell. I understand that the business needs to make its profit and I need to work to make my wages and get bonuses each month. This is growth and keeps the salon open I get it. I understand that my clients should go home with the products I’m using because I use them for a reason. It’s just the assumption that I’m not trying hard enough or doing it at all just because my figures are low. I’m 34 I’ve been Hairdressing for about 16 years I’m so do with younger stylists, qualified for less time with inflated egos and glorified hierarchical seniority making me feel like I’m the worst thing to the industry because I don’t do it their way or because my figures on paper are not where they should be.

Sorry for the rant but I’ve worked in ten different salons over the years and no matter how hard I work it’s always the same.

Could you work for yourself and let your natural enthusiasm for the products and the training you have had in selling and rebooking work for you individually for clients based on their needs not your bosses.
If a client doesn’t come for their colour every 8 weeks so doesn’t want to re-book for then, ask them how often they’d like it doing and if it’s every 12 weeks, book them in for then. ‍♀️ A client will always appreciate you taking their circumstances into consideration and are more likely to stick with you and your salon, and if you recommend a product from the heart, rather through pressure, a client will know. No-one likes to be ‘sold to’ but everyone likes to buy.


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Think I’m going to give up completely with hairdressing I will always have my skills qualifications and experience but I don’t need to be in a salon anymore


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Go self employed , you will be so much beter off without those pushy demands on you. Do not give up your skills because you are so brassed off. You have worked very hard to achieve what you have to date.
Have a little time to see if you will be able to startt afresh..... but just on your own.
Don't give up , I was rubbish at selling all the stuff, but what I could sell was decent treatments that actually worked and had my faith in them. You sound the same, very honest and no fake sales.
You will get a reputation that clients will like and I am sure not driven by the speed of a rushed salon ,you will be happier.
All the best.


You say your figures are low. It's our job as salon owners to keep everyone bringing in the same numbers, or its not fair on those who are hitting targets. However. If you are cross selling and have a high retention rate maybe you can ask your bosses to incentivise your targets based on clients and not products?

I wouldn't want to lose stylist who was brilliant at her job who was fully booked just because she couldn't sell a hairspray or 2.

I hate sales in my salon and only stock shampoo conditioner and treatments. Our targets are 1 in 3. And that's simply because if they use tresemme my work will look awful after 4 weeks and has no longevity x


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Go self employed its the only way!
These salon owners want blood from employees these days
Take as many clients as you can set up your own gig and ul do well