Caflon Salon Services ear piercing


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Hi. I’m thinking about doing the caflon salon services ear piercing course which runs for 1 day! Obviously I need a model. Does the model have to be male or female or does it not matter? Also what if they already have there lobes pierced could I do the one above the lobe etc. Or does it have to be someone who doesn’t have them pierced at all. Just they have to be 16+ and by that age everyone at least has there ears done...


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Hi there ,
I was hoping someone recently trained and done the course at salon services may have jumped on the thread.
Have you contacted them directly and asked the questions? Some of their courses are run by "Training Solutions"
The training I had was salon based by "Caflon" themselves at least 30 years ago and I know that there was the utmost care to deliver a safe and satisfactory piercing.
Age will be correct 16 and above ( in my day we did babies ...shudder!! I dreaded it.)
Gender will not matter
Other piercings I would think will be something that on your first time will be an extra worry for you, so I would chose a client with no piercing if it was me doing the course.
Safe aseptic loading and thorough preparation, consultation and aftercare will be very much the first focus.
For the client - after having the aftercare explained to them the most important thing is the positioning of the that I mean as symmetrically as possible and absolutely horizontal from the front of the lobe to the back of the lobe. The reason I say this is that mine done at age 14 are wonky and asymmetrical , goes up at the back on one and the other angled towards the back of my head.. So you could say a job badly done ha ha.
I don't think the piecer had even marked my lobes or offered me a mirror !!
I'm too chicken to have them re done at my old age and earrings chosen since reflect the poor positioning.
Was quite nerve racking when I did my first paying client in the salon, but that was many years ago.
Good luck to you.


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I did it years ago and could be any male or female it didn’t matter, 16 +
I think and it was ok if they already had ears pierced prior from what I remember but like I said it was years ago x