California road trip holiday!


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Yayy! My boyfriend and I have finallly booked our dream adventure to California! We leave in 35 days for 12 nights! We are flying from Heathrow to San Francisco then hiring a convertible mustang and driving along the coast stopping at Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, LA, Hollywood, Monteray and then on Las Vegas for the final 3 days! I am so excited, I just had to tell you all on here! Please dont hate me lol!

Anyway, have any of you ever been? If so where did you go and what do you recommend doing out there? ie: bus tour, shopping etc?!


Trust no one, you don't know. Also never leave your purse anywhere but on your arm, never on a chair. I grew up in southern Cali. Do not give people a ride and don't stop for people asking for help or wanting money. Keep your money in different spots and never let people see how much money you have. I don't know what it's like where you live, that's why I am telling you these things. Start your driving after 930 am and plan on being at your destinations by 330 otherwise you'll be in the worst traffic jams ever. Also Cali has great system for traffic info called caltrans.
Places to see , Hearst castle ( isn't really a castle per say) and the town of Solvang is cool also. The wineries are always a good time, they had a big earthquake two weeks ago but they are back up and running. Coronado island is fun to walk around and stretch your legs. The Morro Bay Aquarium is awesome also. People watching in Hollywood is a blast, and they have people put on sidewalks and you can get tickets for free to see shows they are currently taping. Hope you have a blast :)


Alcatraz is a must - you'll need to book your tickets online in advance though. (San Fran)

Celebrity homes tour is really good in LA (haggle with the price, you can pick this up from Dolby Theatre, Hollywood blvd)


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Agree with above . Alcatraz is mind blowing

Also if funds stretch to it get a helicopter ride in San Francisco over the Golden gate Bridge


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Solvang is amazing! :)

Sunny days

We did Santa Monica to Las Vegas and loved it.

Lots of homeless people in Santa Monica, harmless enough but just be aware.

There's a company on the pier that do bus tours of LA that were well priced and allows you to hop on and hop off!

Take a little detour to Malibu whilst your in Santa Monica as your close by and the beach is gorgeous.

And the best advice we had when driving to Vegas was to have plenty of water, snacks and a full take of fuel.

We didn't pass a gas station for miles so it was great advice!

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Wow I'm so jealous! This is something me and my fiancé dream of doing. Hope you have a fabulous time.


Agree with above . Alcatraz is mind blowing

Also if funds stretch to it get a helicopter ride in San Francisco over the Golden gate Bridge
Couldn't agree more re the helicopter. On clear days they take you under & over the bridge. Avoid a heavy meal before hand though, I foolishly had a large Starbucks before my flight 😷


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We did this trip a couple of years ago. Here's my tips-
Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge
Drive down the coast road (not the motorway) through Carmel & Monterey
Hearst Castle at San Simeon - amazing
Didn't go as far as LA so can't comment
Vegas - Venetian & Bellagio hotels
Check out what shows are on or what bands/ singers are playing
Grand Canyon trip - wow, just wow !
Have THE best time. 💚💚💚


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Highway 101, coastal road as much as possible. I travelled from Oregon down to LA, best road ever! Enjoy, the people are friendly and welcoming, can i come?
You lucky lady!! Would love to go back :)

We did this in 2013 & loved it!! (Total trip of a life time).....

Totally second (third?) votes for Solvang (unbelievably pretty & amazing pastries!!!) :) and also, Hearst Castle (bonkers & beautiful). Make sure you stop to see the Elephant Seals literally just south of the turning for H Castle.

Can also second (again third??!) heli trip round SF bay...if funds don't allow, the boat trips are also fab. Also brilliant are the small organised tours of the Napa Valley & wineries.

Finally, if you can save the money (or maybe win it in Vegas??!!) it is SO worth it to fly out you the Grand Canyon - one of those places that everyone always says is amazing, but in this case TOTALLY is!!

Have a fantastic trip xxxx