Can’t decide which nail polish

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Hellsbells86, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Hellsbells86

    I’m starting as a mobile nail tech, offering spa manicures and gels nails on natural nail etc
    I have got on with halo gel nails my self so I thought of using them as my gels....
    I’m not sure what nail varnish (non lamp) to use that will last long. Someone recommended Cuccio/opi/cnd Any experience and recommendation please guys....

    And I’m swaying towards cnd manicure brand for my manicures but which one would you recommend??

    Thank you xxx
  2. Noodle
    Staff Member
    CND Vinylux, dries within minutes.

    Alternatively, you have CND Creative Play.

    Both are great for stamping too :)
  3. Hellsbells86
    Thank you
    Just been looking at the cnd range, does it last on the nails? Xx
  4. Hellsbells86
    Also anyone used Kaeso? If so what is that like compared? X
  5. tuan
    Vinylux. They last a lot longer than regular polish, wont stain the nail, and there's no need for a base coat. I find that they tend to be harder to paint without streaks, but that's just me and my skill level.
  6. Noodle
    Staff Member
    In my experience yes, it lasts a good 10 days at least.
  7. Leggibone
    I use the manicure range from them, it’s a nice range, not tried opi or cnd yet, but I always use their cuticle oil and hand cream after my service and the clients love it!
  8. Becreative
    My own experience says if you buy cheap you buy twice or the customer does, they’ll come to you once then go elsewhere if there not satisfied. If your charging the same for Halo nails as someone using CND you may loose clientele as Halo is a cheaper less resilient product same as Kaeso, people have also never heard of them so retail is harder. But a big brand such as OPI or Gelish or Jessica have a good following, get a good brand and the matching branded lamp then you can’t go wrong and you’ll be seen as a professional who’s prices reflect the work done. Good luck :) x

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