Can L'Oreal Dialight be used without Diactivateur?

Discussion in 'Ask a pro' started by Natsu, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Natsu
    Hi all
    My hairdresser left the bleach on for too long so I'm deeply conditioning etc right now. However, the colour also bothers me as it's too light. I don't want to go to another hairdresser right now so I thought I'd buy a semi-perm just to get rid off the whitish overbleached colour
    I really like the dialight milkshake shades but I'm a bit worried that they might compromise my hair a little bit further due to the peroxide in Diactivateur?
    If I use it without Diactivateur, will it work at all, and e.g. just wash out quicker, or would that be a waste of money? No other direct dyes/semi perms offer the colours I like..
    Any help greatly appreciated
  2. iamtina22
    Are you a qualified stylist as you've posted in the ask a pro section ? If not I wouldn't recommend you colouring your own hair . However, diactavateur is developer and so without it the colour will not develop. Condition wise I would recommend you have a few in salon olaplex treatments and purchase the at home bottle to use yourself .
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  3. Natsu
    Thanks for clearing that up for me. Thought that might be the case but one of the websites confused me as it said '
    For best results use with L'Oréal Professionnel Diactivateur.; So I assumed they either meant you can use it on its own, or with another developer.
    No, I'm not a professional but isn't that the whole point of the ask a professional section? It says 'Not a salon professional but need some professional advice?'?
    Oh trust me, if there was a good hair stylist in my town, I would do that. But there's none, I've tried quite a few. I was actually better off doing my hair on my own, it was always in a better condition than it is now. The joys of living in a small town..........
    Ah I regularly do olaplex stand alone, I regularly buy the salon intro kits. It does make a big difference!
  4. Haircutz
    Staff Member
    No, it's standard wording for professional colour lines and means use the same brand of activator and not a competitor brand.

    If your hair is already damaged from the bleaching, you mustn't use any products requiring an activator as it will cause even further damage at this stage.

    A bit like burning your skin during sunbathing outdoors and then going on a sun bed afterwards...!

    Keep using the deep conditioning treatments until you find a new hairdresser. A good one will give you honest advice about the state of your hair and what they can reasonably achieve, in terms of colour/condition.
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  5. Natsu
    It's not awfully damaged I'd say a little bit, mostly the ends(I do know what my hair looks like when it's very damaged, happened to me a few years ago). Dialight claims to actually nourish the hair, and it says that Dialight is perfect for weakened hair so I'm a bit confused now...
    I really need to darken it a shade or two but none of the direct dyes have any nice shades of blonde. Do you have any recommendations?
    edit: nvm, ordered revlon nutricolor
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  6. JJH93
    I don't think we're actually allowed to give advice to non professionals as these are the rules of this website
  7. Natsu
    What would be the point of ask a pro then? Either way, it's all sorted now :)
  8. iamtina22
    The point of ask a pro is to ask us advice.. we have given you advice. We cannot recommend that a non pro uses colours and products that are intended for professional use only.
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