Can my employer stop me from going on training courses

Hi not sure if this is in the right bit but I'm looking for some advice.
I want to do some additional massage courses but my employer has said no because the only day the course runs is on a Saturday which is my day to be at work, obviously I would give plenty of notice but they seem to to adamant that they cant give me the day to do the course


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You'd have to book some annual leave and then go and do the course in your time off.


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You said ‘courses’ in your OP.
Are you saying they run over a period of weeks, every Saturday?
If so, you can surely understand why your boss is unhappy to agree to your request?

If it was one day, then it would be reasonable to book it off as annual leave.
I send my team on training courses, but they are all in the week as I think the providers understand that the weekends are the busiest period for beauty and massage therapists. I'm surprised your boss isn't encouraging you to learn, I'd be thrilled you were interested, until last week I had three juniors who simply would not engage with the training we offer, or our standards, one left because I expected her to wear a fob watch on her uniform and after 8 weeks of asking her to wear one and even offering to buy her one, I sent her out to get one and she never came back! We'll see how the last two get on this week!!!. I would take annual leave for this course and maybe look at training providers who teach in the week in future.