Can you straighten a perm?

Basically, my perming theory at college has been a bit pants. I'm on level 3 at the moment and I asked my tutor this and she didn't seem to know!

I'm wondering, if you were to straighten permed hair, would it go back to the perm when you wash it?

Sorry if this is a really stupid question but I don't know!


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Of course it would! You've completely changed the shape of the polypeptide chains... The curl is there new shape and its there to stay!


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Do you mean just straightened by styling? If so then yes it will revert back to curly once it's shampooed!
However it is possible to relax the curls & reverse the process a bit if it's too curly. You go through same process as the perm, but instead of using rods, gently comb lotion through sections, develop then rinse without disturbing hair & do same with neutraliser. Try it on a block you have permed! Also use a mild lotion as hair is sensitised. I'm surprised your teacher didn't know the answer to your question! Im guessing she must be quite young and of the generation that didn't do many perms! I know their not as popular these days but it's basic theory!
Thanks! I know it must sound like a stupid question but my tutor hates perming and has pretty much avoided teaching it in so far as she's done the bare minimum. She had a bad experience with a perm when she first started hairdressing and has avoided doing them ever since.


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Perms are tricky and they should be approached with good sense and caution, but so should tint and bleach
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Tut tut.....your tutor really should have known this if it is part of your syllabus! daydreams01 has already said, of course it can be relaxed, by repeating the process, using a comb to 'smooth' out the curls, develop, neutralize and CONDITION.
A blow dry will TEMPORARILY straighten the hair, until it's next wash. :)