Cancellation policy?

Hiya, I'm just wondering if anyone who has a cancellation policy do they enforce it in the salon?

I do, I’ve only had to enforce it once thank goodness x

I do and I’ve had to enforce a few times this past month.x


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I am considering going to appointments only, all via a dedicated app ( looking at booksy ATM) this frees up my and the renters time on the phone, especially when there's a client in the chair.
This app gives you the option of taking a part or full payment for the missed appointment. There's no awkward phone call asking for the payment it's just a click of the button.
We have to value our time or no one else will, I got charged when I missed my dentist appointment last year, they said it was because they lost money by me not coming, it's the exact same thing. Booking by text is so impersonal so there seems like it's no big deal not to show up. Time to change it