Cancellations cancellations!!!!!!!


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If its a new client its difficult to follow through as you generally only have a phone number. I would like to get full postal address from them but as I am using the receptionists from other businesses I have to go along with their policy.

If I ever do get my own place, I would stipulate on first phone call that I get full postal address and contact numbers and explain the 24 hour cancellation policy.

I have had clients genuinely ring me to cancel within the 24 hours due to sickness and although they have offered to pay I have waived it.

I have billed a few people in the past and they have all paid up, unfortunately you generally lose their custom after that.

For larger appointments I would take a deposit, or if I had a card machine would take full payment to secure that place.

When I am teaching, they pay a deposit up front.


Usually, I am taking full details if is a new client.
That looks more pro as I am always sent out appointment confirmation and leaflet. Also my software automatic generates the appointment slips, therefore no admin work.
All I have to do is to put the slip in the envelope along with my adv leaflet and post. Cost is £.58p.
The benefits from that system are:
The client does not cancel appointments if there is no unique reason.
The client knows in advance any cancellation fees.
That has cut down the cancellations; by more than 60% also if I have any cancellations 80% of my clients accepted the cancellation fee.
In addition to that, it looks pro and the clients feel more comfortable



I am pretty much the same as the other girls on here.. I have my fair share of cancellations.. sometimes i will go a few weeks with none.. other times i have 3 in the one day.. frustrating...
Now i give all "new" clients when the book in a quick talking to... ie... "thanks for booking in "mary".. I will send you a txt message the day before to confirm... if you have to cancell i will need at least 24hrs notice as other people are waiting for your spot"..etc..
ALso what i have been thinking of doing is adding something like that to the bottom of the aftercare advise sheets..."please give me 48hrs notice if you need to cancell other wise i will be sitting here waiting for you".. something that suits your clients....
blah blah.. sorry for raving...
X Mel

Hello!!! I totally agree, it is a total nightmare!!! If you have a busy day and someone doesn't turn up you are left with annoying gaps in the day and if its a quieter week you are desperate for the money. Either way it is extremely frustrating and does reduce me to tears sometimes!!! Like said before it isn't the regular ones that get to me as they have been coming for 5 years, so once or twice when something crops up, thats life! But it's the new ones who clearly have no loyality for you whatsoever. On two occasions in my business which I have been running 5 years, I am yet to meet two clients as they have made appointments 3 times and each time made pitiful exuses after I have called them to find out where they are!! On another occasion I had a lady who didn't drive and so had to rely on friends and people to get her to me, she didn't live locally so it wasn't possible for me to travel to her. Every time she made an appointment, I just knew she would call the day before and cancel. It was difficult as she was the sister of another of my clients but after probably about 30 appointments she made and probs turned up to about 5, enough was enough, I called her and explained in a nice way the problem and suggested she found somebody mobile or nearer her house. I have never been the same since. I now call a client about 10 minutes after they havn't turned up, listen to there reasons. You can generally tell if a client is genuine. If the exuse isn't good enough eg. oh ive had a long week and I'm so tired, I fell asleep! then I explain to them proffesionaly that they can get to the salon for the remaining duration of there treatment now or I will have to charge them 50%. I have never had anybody not jump straight in the car!! I was nice about it for so long and I have all my lovely genuine loyal clients but some people are actually more trouble than they are worth, to put it bluntly!!! You do have to be strong and stick to it, but once you start doing it it gets easier! Plus they are extremely rude to not turn up for there appointment, waste your time and lose you money!!! Emma xxx


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I think one of the problems here is that clients ASSUME that we are getting paid regardless of their attendance or not, but I let them know that no show no pay for me.

I had one client not turn up, I rang her, she was in a playbarn with a friend and her child (she hasn't got any kids), no apology, nowt. I calmly made an appointment for her the following week, and she cancelled it 20 minutes before the appointment time. I billed her for that appointment. she paid up, said I was totally unfair as she had had the decency to pick up the phone and let me know, and she wouldn't be coming back. (good riddance is what I say).


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I billed her for that appointment. she paid up, said I was totally unfair as she had had the decency to pick up the phone and let me know, and she wouldn't be coming back. (good riddance is what I say).
my sentments exactly!


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I have been having so many cancellations lately. I think since the beginning of September I have had at least one cancellation or no show every day!


I've had the worst month ever for cancellations. Not sure if it is the credit crunch - they all have a good excuse (well to them it is!) but I have lost so much money because of it.

I do have a cancellation policy for less than 24 hrs notice but am too soft to enforce it.

I am seriously looking into getting a credit card facility so i can take the details for all appointments as it is getting so frustrating. I will then be able to explain cancellation policy at time of booking and intend to charge the full treatment price when short notice or missed appointments.

I agree it is always the new clients who tend to do this and just feel it is treating us very poorly and with no respect and if charging means they do not rebook then c'est la vie. I do think though that taking credit card details may help these kind of clients suddenly manage to keep their appointmets after all though so either way would be a worthwhile investment!!


Ohh God!! We all know how this feels! Some weeks you feel like its cancelation after 'no show' after forgetfulness.
Lateness is another bugbear of mine, i schedule nails for 45 minute appointments and then the client turns up 10-15 minutes late, We as techs may not mind but the person booked for the next appointment, who has squeezed a nail app. into their lunch break, will mind.
I have a sign up in my salon asking clients to please give 24 hours notice of cancellations or they will be charged 50% of scheduled appointmemt. Also if clients are more than 10 minutes late they may miss the appointment.

Of course, some people genuinley do forget, and usually you will know who they are.
If a client repeatedly forgets then i do charge. It kinda stops them doing it again in a hurry.