Career change, massage therapist without level 2 beauty?


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Nov 28, 2013
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Hi everyone I haven't been on this site in years and have been busy with my job as a healthcare assistant working nights but really wanting a career change, as I'm not happy where I am atm and want to find a job I enjoy!

I'm looking at studying at college as a last chance for me to find a career I really love and beauty has always come to front of my mind, more specifically massage therapies is what really speaks to me.

I don't have any interest in the nails, waxing or makeup side but really want something in massage/hot stone/reflexology that sort of thing. My question is will I be employable with just a Level 3 VTCT in massage therapy alone? Or will I have to sit through a level 2 in general beauty therapy first to be more employable? There is a college near me offering the L3 massage therapy course with requirements for certain GCSEs that I do have. I want to work in a spa)salon or even a crusie ship as a massage therapist as my end goal

Hope to hear back! Xx

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