CCO Gelish?

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I just popped into my friends house, she also does Gelish, and noticed her bottles looked different! I took a sneaky pic while she went the loo!!
It says CCO Gelish???? Fake????


also seen these on ebay, must be a fake, hope nail harmony get onto this,


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It is counterfeit.
There is also a CCO Shellac lurking around.

Jo's Nails

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What does the cco stand for? Is is trying to imply that it's not made by nail harmony but cco instead?

Bev Rose

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Thank you for posting this.

I have alerted our Head Office.

The only way to be sure you are buying the correct product is to purchase it from the correct channel - ie: Gelish from Nail Harmony UK | Gelish | NailHarmony | Reveal Gels or authorised distributors and Shellac from Welcome - Sweet Squared or Ellisons.

People may think they are saving a few quid by buying from fleabay, but on realisation that the products are fake, how much does it really cost you in the end. Let alone your insurance will not be valid as products are not purchased from the correct source.
There is no telling what is in these bottles of so called Gelish or Shellac - are they really safe to put on your client - i wouldn't risk the insurance claim and my reputation for a measly few quid savings

I bet it stands for "Carbon Copy Of" !! How cheeky!!

I bet it stands for "Carbon Copy Of" !! How cheeky!!
LOL you are probably right !! Bought my first bottle of Gelish yesterday and had to go and check it , it's the real thing , well done to the OP for spotting it!


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Now that Bev Rose has taken the appropriate action and reported this directly to Nail Harmony, I am closing the thread.
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