Cheap things to do with the kids ??


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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
you know what mate, i blame the government too.

if they can give working mums an alowance to pay for childcare whilst they are at work, why the hell cant they pay some money for them to stay at home and raise their own kids ?:irked:

You're so right.

Here's the Chocolate Bug recipe Angie . . .

3oz milk chocolate drops
3 oz white " "
3 tbsp golden syrup

Melt the chocolate separately in a heatproof bowl in pan of water, stir till melted, leave a couple of mins then stir 1and a half tbsp golden syrup into each bowl of melted chocolate, until the mixture forms a thick paste which doesn't stick to the sides of the bowl. Wrap the chocolate paste in clingfilm and chill for 1 hr then take out and leave for 10 mins. cut into pieces, keeping a small amount of the opposite colour for decorating. Use a knife to make the markings and roll small balls to make eyes and spots etc, keep in fridge till ready to eat them . . . they are great fun xx


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Oct 5, 2004
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Mmmmmm...looks great...thanks very much x


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Oct 14, 2006
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all this makes me sad!!
i have never had time off with my kids, as i have always worked, so mine were either with family members when they were little or at home alone during school holidays until me or my hubby got home, with orders like dont go out , dont touch kettle/microwave/oven etc etc have food left in fridge ill be back at 3pm, or whatever!!
now they are older it has all been missed out on,
i blame the government!!

boo hoo makes me really sad, id give anything to sit at home and do crafts /stuff/play etc with mine
I know how you feel. I felt like this and about a year ago I took a drop in wages and took 2 cleaning jobs on! One at a school and one at a college. These are my permanent wages and then I arrange clients around these jobs.
I have taken a huge pay cut by doing this and also people tend to look down at me because I clean for 27 hours a week, but I DONT CARE because during the school holidays I am finished cleaning and have the holidays off with my 10 year old and that makes it all worth while!!
Today we went for a long walk and had an icecream by the canal! and I tell you what peeps I wouldnt wanted to have been anywhere else!

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