Chocolate facial products

can you get chocolate facial products
im thinking about adding chocolate into my treatments
i want to add in something different to my treatments i know i would like chocolate treatments


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Yes you certainly can. Look up Blue Rose on here, she has her own brand and it's lush.

Her FB page is Cognito Bath & Body, had to go find it.

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thankyou ill have a look
If you can't find her on here, her company is called Cognito Spa... Really lovely products xx

just had a look products look lovely and very reasonable in price

does anybody use the massage oil
I have the peppermint oil and like it xx

id love the white chocolate oil

Blue Rose

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Chocolate! My favourite topic of conversation :biggrin:

Thank you to the geeks who have mentioned me. I do indeed do a range of chocolate face & body products.

There's the The Cupcake Collection - Chocolate Massage Therapy
The 100% pure cocoa that is used in all our chocolate massage therapy products comes direct from a Belgian company who also supply the world’s finest Chocolatiers. So whilst you are having this rich and velvety treatment massaged gently into your body you can feel assured that this is a real indulgence!
As with our other chocolate beauty treatments this guilt-free massage therapy is full of beneficial minerals, vitamins and nutrients – all combining with the natural moisturising and nourishing elements of the cocoa itself to help soften and revitalise your skin.
This is called ‘The Cupcake Collection’ because you can choose to be pampered in a delicious range of ‘flavours’! Take your pick from:
*Irish Cream Hot Chocolate *Chocolate Orange *Turkish Delight *Peppermint
*White Chocolate *Coconut

With Chocolate Gateau Collection of skin care products you can treat your clients to an opulent and sinfully rich beauty treatment. This is a Collection of Scrubs, Massage Oils & Butters & a Body Mask/Wrap.

Finally, there's the Rejuvenating Cocoa Rose Facial (Turkish Delight)
An exotic blend of pure cocoa and essential rose oils the ‘Turkish Delight’ facial is packed with anti-oxidants and minerals which help to soften, nourish and moisturise delicate facial skin. Suitable for all skin types this smooth, rich chocolate treatment contains naturally occurring calcium, potassium and magnesium which, together with the beautifully fragrant rose and rosehip seed oils, will penetrate and re-mineralise tired skin.
Relax and luxuriate in the unique scent of the exotic east while a gentle facial massage helps to revitalize both your complexion and your mood – leaving you with a delicious feeling of well-being and your skin looking refreshed and luminous.

Here's a link for my YouTube video showcasing the treatments:

There's more info & photos over on my facebook page Cognito Skincare which also has the link for my website :biggrin:

These products sound amazing 💜 I am rather hungry now & craving chocolate xx